PowerArtist Resources


Following is a list of whitepapers available for the PowerArtist platform. Access to these documents requires an Apache account. If you already have an account, please login. If you wish to request a new account, click on the Whitepaper you are interested in and you will be taken to the account registration page. Please allow 24 hours for access to Apache resources.


  • Electronic Power and Thermal Management
    This paper presents a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies that can contribute to addressing the challenges of thermal and power management encountered in next-generation unmanned systems
  • RTL Design-for-Power Methodology
    This white paper presents a design-for-power methodology, beginning early in the design process at the Register Transfer Level (RTL) for maximum impact on power.


Webinar Presentations

  • A Design-for-Power Methodology: RTL Power Analysis and Reduction
    This webinar describes PowerArtist, a comprehensive design-for-power methodology beginning at RTL. This methodology includes tradeoff analysis for micro-architectural decisions, “power debug” to isolate conditions causing excessive power consumption, application of analysis-driven power reduction techniques for RTL power refinement, and rigorous power regressions at full-chip level to ensure power efficiency of the entire design.